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Born in Nanao, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Waseda University, the School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences I, where she majored in English Literature.
Fujihashi entered Iwanami Hall, where she took part in planning events and managing the institution.
After resignation, she became a mother of two, and besides being a housewife, she experienced many jobs, including a plot writer.
At the age of 49, Fujihashi commenced to work again, starting as an assistant producer.
Yukiko Fujihashi is well known for producing Takashi Kako’s ”The 20th Century on Film” Special Concert 2001, held at Tokyo, Ôsaka, Kanazawa, and Fukushima, where 6000 audience members participated. The concert, with the theme on life, created a sensation at the time.
In March, 2003, she planned the opening events for the 400th anniversary of the Edo shogunate, held at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall, and also took the role of casting producer, to choose artists from Korea, China, and Russia, which as a result, tied international bonds between Japan and foreign countries.
In May, 2003, Fujihashi founded Concordia Inc., and commenced her activities to bring forth a new age, an age where arts, culture, and music can convey thoughts of peace and life, regardless of nationality.
Among ’ Fujihashi s projects, producing Ayaka Hirahara with her debut single “Jupiter” from Dreamusic, and planning the simultaneous release in Japan and South Korea, of her album “ODYSSEY” has been a great success.
From 2004 to 2007, she has produced concerts for Cosmo Oil Company’s CSR, on the theme of “thinking about the relationship between nature and man”, which attracted public attention.
In September, 2004, she became the producer in Japan, of the international South Korean male duet “SoRi”.
In March, 2005, Fujihashi produced SoRi’s “OVER THE SEA” as a commemorative album of the ‘Japan-South Korea Year of Friendship’, simultaneously released in both countries. With the support of Waseda University Alumni Association, Waseda University, and other student groups, the album’s concept was realized for SoRi to be the first South Koreans to perform in Ôkuma auditorium “OVER THE SEA ~Yume-wa-Umi-wo-koété~”, the live concert was televised by Fuji Television Network as a short documentary, in the news program “FNN SPEAK”.
In February, 2007, she succeeded in making the major debut of SoRi’s vocal Kenny in Japan, and produced his 2nd single “Namida~Sekai-no-Dokoka-de-Ima” in 2009. The album saw the light of day when Fujihashi caught sight of a report on Kenji Nagâi, a photojournalist shot dead in Burma. The instance she saw the news, there were lyrics in her mind, and she decided to start activities, of sending out her message of love & peace through music, for the joy of the children of the world. In the year-end charity campaign of 2009, driven by NHK, Kenny made an appearance as a messenger, and sang on live broadcast. Currently, on Youtube, there is a documentary with clips filmed by Kenji Nagai, and a promotion video of smiling children in an orphanage and the rural area of Cambodia, directed by Keibun Miyamoto, a photographer, both of which have the song as it’s background music.
From 2010, Fujihashi became the producer in Japan of Whee Jine, a South Korean Popera and Tenor Singer.
In January, 2011, she produced the concert of Whee Jine, South Korean Popera & Tenor singer, ”Whee Jine New Year Concert in Japan, 2011”, which was attended by Empress Michiko. The concert was repeatedly reported as big news by the KBC and other Korean Networks, and resulted in strengthening Japanese-Korean friendship.
In February 2012, Fujihashi produced Whee Jine's debut album in Japan, "Illuminations~when light gathers (Hikari-michiru-Toki-e)", released from EMI Music Japan. The song was brought to the victims of the Great East-Japan Earthquake by regional disaster radio networks, and was broadcasted on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) television. From then on, she has continued to work with Whee Jine in bringing songs for children who go to school in the stricken areas.
In December 2013, Fujihashi produced Canaco’s single which includes “Small Sky (Chisana-Sora)” written and composed by Tōru Takemitsu (Well noted musician in contemporary music), and “Like a flying bird (Sora-kakeru-Tori-no-yòni)”, written by Gōro Matsui & composed by Kōsuke Yamashita. The latter song was used as the ending theme song of the television program “Arigáto”, a TV series of short moving stories, for half a year, broadcasted on BS Asahi; and received positive response from viewers.
In 2015, the 50th anniversary of the normalization of relations between Japan and South Korea, she planned and produced the concert“Whee Jine & Gohei Kohashi New Year Concert, 2015 ~when sounds echo (Hibiki-au-Toki)” at Ki-oi Hall, Tokyo. The press reported the concert as a bridge of friendship connecting the two countries; reports were also broadcasted nationwide on “Good Morning Japan(Ohayou-Nippon)”, by NHK General TV.
Yukiko Fujihashi is currently playing an active role inside and outside of Japan, as a producer of multiple music and art genres, and producing of artists.


<Main Works>



Whee Jine & Gohei Kohashi New Year Concert, 2015
                                  ~when sounds echo (Hibiki-au-Toki)
2014 Whee Jine Concert,2014 June~Prayer(Inori)
2013 “Tokiko Kato Noto-no-Yume Concert ”
2012 “Kanako Ise Hatsu-koi Christmas Concert 2012 ”
2011 “Whee Jine Concert in Autumn, 2011 ~Tada-Âi-no-Tame-ni”
“Kanako Ise Summer Concert 2011 ~Sora-wo-Miágeté”

Whee Jine ni-totte-Yume-soshite-Kibou-datta-Ongaku-ga-Umi-wo-Koe, Toki-wo-Koete-Anata-no-Mune-ni-Todoku-Hi
“Whee Jine New Year Concert in Japan, 2011”

2004~2007 Cosmo Oil Company Voice of the earth

125th anniversary of Waseda University Japan-South Korea Year of Friendship

commemorative project SoRi “OVER THE SEA” WASEDA UNIVERSITY LIVE CONCERT ~Yume-wa-Umi-wo-Koété~

2004 Makoto Hirahara 30th Anniversary Live Concert~HEART~
2003 Commemorative Project for the 70th anniversary of Sankei Shimbun Ongaku-wa-Minzoku-wo-Koé, Rekishi-wo-Koé, Mirai-wo-Tukuru-Utukusii-Seiki-no-Tame-ni Shostakovich & Khachaturian
2003 Opening Stage Sakura, for the 400th anniversary of the Edo shogunate
2000 Takashi Kako’s ”The 20th Century on Film” Special Concert 2000


Canaco “Small Sky (Chisana-Sora)”/
             “Like a flying bird (Sora-kakeru-Tori-no-yòni)” (CONCORDIA)
2012 Tokiko Kato “Noto-no-Yume/Hyakunen-no-Koiuta” (Tokiko Records/CONCORDIA)
2012 Kanako Ise “Hatsu-Koi” (CONCORDIA)
2012 Whee Jine “Illuminations ~Hikari-Michiru-Toki-hé~” (EMI Music Japan)
2011 Whee Jine “Tada-Ai-No-Tameni/10-Gatsu-No-Aru-Suteki-Na-Hi-Ni” (EMI Music Japan)
2011 Kanako Ise “Dareka-ga-Yondeiru” (CONCORDIA)
2009 Kenny “Namida~Sekai-no-Dokoka-de-Ima” (UP FRONT WORKS)
2008 Kenny “Anata-ni-Aitai” (UP FRONT WORKS)

SoRi “Chu-Chu-Chu〜Égao-wo-Misete” NHK Your Song tie up (U’S Music/CONCORDIA)


Ayaka Hirahara “ODYSSEY” (Dreamusic)
Ayaka Hirahara “Ashita” (Dreamusic)
Ayaka Hirahara “Utau-Kaze” Theme song of “Studio Park kara-Konichiwa” NHK General TV (Dreamusic)
Ayaka Hirahara “Niji-no-Yokan” Tie up with “mova N506i” from NTT Docomo (Dreamusic)
Ayaka Hirahara “Hello Again, JoJo” Tie up with the Television Program “Minna-no-Uta” of NHK Broadcast (Dreamusic)

2003 Ayaka Hirahara “Jupiter” (Dreamusic)

Other works

2005~2007 Exhibition of the Kutani ware by Hougaku Yamamoto
2003 Photo Exhibition “GENESIS~Michelangelo-no-Shi-to-Kousai~” by Yukihito Masuura
1999 Entered “THE QUARRY” into the 12th Tokyo International Film Festival “International Woman’s Film Week” (directed by Marion Hansel, produced in 1998, won Best Film in the 22nd Montreal Film Festival)