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Born in 1977, Gyeonsangbuk-do, South Korea. POPERA, Tenor Singer.
After graduating technical high school, Whee Jine continued to take vocal lessons intending to become a musician, though he was under difficult conditions having to study after working as an engineer at a design laboratory of KIA Motors Corporation. Although not instructed by an expert, his strong will and persistent efforts did not fail him from giving up his dream, and in 1999 Whee Jine was accepted a position at the vocal music course of Seoul University. He served in the military as a commando after graduation, from 2003 to 2006.
In March, 2008, his album “face” was released in South Korea.
From May, 2010, Whee Jine started his musical activities in Japan, supervised by producer Yukiko Kondo. In August, he took part in a memorial concert held at the Korczak International Conference (Special Honorary Chairman, and a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF Tetsuko Kuroyanagi), a meeting for children of the world. Whee Jine has also sang in many other volunteer concerts, held in Japan.
In January, 2011, Whee Jine held his concert hall debut ”Whee Jine New Year Concert in Japan, 2011”, at Ki-oi Hall, Tokyo, with the attendance of Empress Michiko. The concert was widely reported by Korean networks such as the KBC, SBS, MBC, and received high regards for strengthening Japanese-Korean bonds. Whee Jine came back to Japan to convey his feelings for the children who were wounded by the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11th. He interacted with them through music sessions, and received many warm thanks and messages.
In November, he released his Japanese debut single “Just for Love (ただ愛のために)/On a beautiful day of October (10月のある素敵な日に)”, from EMI Music Japan. In celebrating his release, Whee Jine held a concert to support child victims of the stricken area of Japan and refugee children, “Whee Jine Concert in Autumn, 2011”, co-starring with famous Japanese musicians at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Many audience members were fascinated by the musical performance.
In February, 2012, his Japanese debut album “Illuminations ~ to when light is filled (イルミネイションズ〜光満ちる時へ)” was released from EMI Music.
In March 11th, Whee Jine was invited to the memorial service for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake at Akamaé school district, where he held a concert. On the 16th, he appeared on a television show, “Friday Variety(金曜バラエティ)”, of NHK General TV. In June, Whee Jine guest starred with the London Metropolitan Orchestra at the charity concert tour of three prefectures in Tohoku region, held for victims of the earthquake, and touched the hearts of those living in the disaster area.
In June 2014, he sang at “Whee Jine Concert, 2014 June ~ Prayer(祈り)” and mourned with the Japanese audience for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the South Korea Ferry Accident, held at the Oji hall, Tokyo, and the municipal cultural small hall of the city of Morioka, Iwate prefecture, both places in Japan.
In January 2015, Whee Jine realized a Japanese-Korean Duet with a young tenor singer at “Whee Jine & Kohashi Gohei New Year Concert, 2015 ~when sounds echo(響き合う瞬間)” held at Ki-oi Hall, Tokyo, which was also the start of the 50th anniversary of the normalization of relations between Japan and South Korea. The concert was received with full of cheers; the audience clapped to the message that music can be conveyed beyond borders. Reports were broadcasted nationwide the next day on “Good Morning Japan(おはよう日本)”, by NHK General TV.
Whee Jine’s kind embracing voice, which comes from his boundless passion towards music and high mentality fostered through overcoming obstacles, gathers a lot of interest from both inside and outside Korean borders. He is highly expected as the new star of Asia. Whee Jine is currently teaching as a visiting professor at the Soul Institute of Arts.