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Born at Hiroshima, grew up in Suita city, Osaka prefecture, Japan. Tenor Singer.
Gohei Kohashi was brought up in a musical family; between a vocalist father and a pianist mother. He spent his days in middle and high school at Hiroshima.In the last year at high school, Gohei had the choice between gymnastics and music for his future course, but in the end decided to pursue a musical career after being given advice by his high school teacher.
He entered Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, and graduated from the graduate school of the same institute.
2004~ Began studies in the National Music Academy of Bologna.
Gohei made his Opera debut while attending the academy, performing in "Malombra" at Teatro Comunale di Bologna.
In 2007, he came first place in the Asian preliminary round of the 4th International Francesco Paolo Tosti Singing Competition.
In 2008, he came third in the finals held at Italy. This was the first time for a Japanese person to win the prize, and he was also awarded the audience award decided by votes of the audience. Through these experiences he started to act as a bridge linking the cultures of Japan and Italy.
In 2009, he sang the French National anthem for the medal award ceremony of Philippe Troussier, former manager of the Japanese National Football Team, at the official residence of the French Ambassador to Japan.
In 2010, Gohei performed for the Buddhist memorial service of the 1250th anniversary of Empress K¬¬omyo's death.
In the same year, he won a prize for the vocal awards of the 79th Music Competition of Japan.
In 2011, he won a prize for the opera awards of the 80th Music Competition of Japan.
In 2014, he played the role of Edwin in the operetta "Die Csárdásfürstin (The Gipsy Princess)", Tokyo Nikikai Opera Foundation. In 2015, he played the duke of Mantua in the opera "Rigoletto", same foundation as above, receiving much praise for his performance.
In 2015, the 50th anniversary of the normalization of relations between Japan and South Korea, he performed in gWhee Jine & Kobashi Gohei New Year Concert, 2015 ~when sounds echo(u)h held at Ki-oi Hall, Tokyo. In this concert, Gohei played a role to promote goodwill between the two nations. Reports were broadcasted nationwide the next day on gGood Morning Japani͂悤{jh, by NHK General TV.
In 2016, he held two concerts, with Shizuka Arakawa, Olympic Gold Medalist in Torino for Figure Skating, as guest at Kioi hall, Tokyo, and Miya Tachibana, Most Awarded Olympic Medal Winner in Synchronized Swimming, as guest at Izumi hall, Osaka. Both concerts were well-received.
In June, his major label-debut album "AMORE" will be released on Dreamusic.
Although he continues to fascinate the audience with his dynamic but soft and tender voice, Gohei Kobashi's music also conveys his affection towards the daily lives of the common people which had grown inside of him from his experiences of working at construction sites, through unloading materials, working on scaffolds, and disassembling structures. Goheifs singing sends out a message of hope and courage. He has also devoted himself to express his thoughts of peace through music, which is engraved in his own name Gohei (literally: Peace of the Homeland) given to him from his mother who wished for the message of peace to spread from her hometown, Hiroshima.