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Kanako Ise started to take vocal lessons when she was in middle school.
2009, graduated the vocal course of the college of music of Ferris University.
2010, completed her studies as a research student at the music expression course of the college of literature & education of Ochanomizu University.
In July of 2010, she appeared on stage at the opening event of the gNeriyakanaya Festah held at Amamiooshima.
In August of the same year, she sang at the opening ceremony of the Korczak International Conference, gathered by many countries around the world and held at Meiji University, with the choir of her home school, Ochanomizu University High School, as her chorus.
In July 2011, Kanako Ise appeared with Korean singer Whee Jine at a charity concert of the Great East Japan earthquake held at Kaga Public Menshiro Middle School of Ishikawa prefecture. She also participated in a concert, hUta-No-Okurimonoh, at Miyako Public Akamae Elementary School of Iwate prefecture to convey her thoughts, and had a memorable experience with the children through music.
In August 2011, Ise gave her debut concert, gIse Kanako Summer Concert, 2011 ~Sora-Wo-Miagete~h at Blue Rose (Small Hall) of Suntory Hall, which earned a favorable reputation. Again, her first single gDareka-Ga-Watashi-Wo-Yonndeiruh (Lyrics: Goro Matsui, Music: Chiho Kiyo-oka) which was released in the same month, got selected as the ending theme song of the television program, gTakeshi-No-Niponn-No-Mikatah, of TV Tokyo network affiliates. The broadcast of the song commenced from October the 7th, and continued for three months.
In April, 2012, Ise was invited to the Sakura Park Cherry Blossom Festival, a festival held to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Committee of Japanese Residents giving cherry blossom trees as a gift to the city and citizens of New York, where she gave a song.
In November, 2012, her second single gHatsu-Koih (Lyrics: Goro Matsui, Music: Kosuke Yamashita) is to be released.
From January to March 2013, Ise Kanako's song, which was distributed online, "Each Way of Life" was chosen as the theme song for the weather news(5:30 a.m.) of "Oha!4 NEWS LIVE", Nippon Television network affiliates.
From April 2013, her 2nd single's coupling song "Inochi-no-Shi" became selected as the ending song of "Wakadaisho-no-Yuyu-Sanpo", TV Asahi Corporation.
In July 2013, Ise sung on the main stage of the Japan-Korea Friendship Festival at PRISM HALL of TokyoDomeCity, and took role as a J-POP artist in promoting goodwill of Japanese-Korean cultural bonds through music.
In December 2013, she released "Chiisana-Sora / Sora-Kakeru-Tori-no-y­òni (Written and Composed by Tōru Takemitsu / Written by Gōro Matsui, Composed by Kōsuke Yamashita)", her first single under the artist name Canaco.
From April to September 2014, "Sora-Kakeru-Tori-no-y­òni" was used as the ending theme song of the television program "Arigáto", broadcasted on BS Asahi.
Credited by the composer, Goro Matsui, as ga voice closest to the hearth, Ise, earns a high reputation for her clear beautiful voice, has participated in many concerts both inside and outside of Japan, and is actively working as an artist in multiple fields.